Atelier Patamar
EDEN Paraiso



‘Shhhh’ explored silence. However, silence did not want to be celebrated necessarily through the absence of sound, but to be carefully ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ instead. This project began with the curiosity of experiencing our faculty in a different way - a quieter way. Students and lecturers were invited to use slippers all day, a lecture room was transformed into a dark room, and a kinetic sound installation was created in one of the faculty’s corridors.
‘Shhhh’ questioned the limitations and possibilities of interiors spaces, specifically in our university. The alterations in the faculty’s ambience caused moments of intrigue and calmness that prompted the interaction with often-overlooked sounds and spaces of a place daily inhabited by us. Due to its temporal aspect and the ephemeral nature of silence, this intervention can afford to be installed in different places allowing different reverberations.

Bristol, United Kingdom
+ Installation