Atelier Patamar
EDEN Paraiso



2022 - Ongoing

Dogs occupy and roam around the city of Mindelo with a fathomless presence. They are the true owners of the city, one could argue. ROMU is a story about the city, through the life of a dog named Romu. The story is told in parts, which are sent via mail for free. A gift.

Excerpt of the first part:

“[...] Never have all those delights that mother nature offered during his growth (and which can lead to complicated temptations) had been as majestic as the first ones. Just like the moment when, through his still-closed lids, Romu glimpsed the light and smelled the Night for the first time. It was the brightest night he can remember. As well as the noise of the cars. Romu still feels the vibrations of the car tires on the cobbled road and the noise of adults and children passing by at the end of the alley leading to the street connected to the town square. The same street where years later he would live for a few years.

That night, curled and muffled in each other, some of his brothers were already asleep, while others were still trying to find the best position. Before falling asleep, Romu looked up at the sky and, for a few moments, contrary to what many people don't believe, his eyes opened. As his eyes opened, he saw something on the moon that baffled him. Something Romu couldn't understand. Something that intrigued him for the rest of his life-nights whenever he looked up at the moon.”

Mindelo, Cabo Verde
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