Atelier Patamar
EDEN Paraiso


Long Bristol

Completed 2019

The project started as a response to the rapid change of the fabric of the city of Bristol. Through an exploration that started by re- interpreting the city by mapping its ideas, the project questioned the coexistence and relationship between the constant construction and re-construction of the real city and the unbuilt city.
The city is a complex urban eco- system, one that allows ideas to travel rapidly. Arguably, the access to what is proposed, considered, planned, approved, or given permission to, has never been more accessible. However, the same might not extend to the ideas that get discarded, refused, or rejected. And even less to ideas that never make it to the public realm - ideas that originate in forgotten or neglected areas of the city.
If cities are built upon ideas, what happens to the ideas that never make it to the surface? If ideas are catalysts of change, and if we strive for more inclusive, holistic, and encompassing cities, what would it look like if every single idea was made accessible to everyone else in the city?  These are some of the questions that prompted this project.
Through a speculative design strategy, the project attempts to undercover the city never built based on the ideas never considered, thus never materialized. 
Its hypothetical premise is that the ideas never materialized in the built city have been sipped by the city’s Floating Harbour and stored underground.

Bristol, United Kingdom
+ Architecture