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Hugo Lopes (Mindelo, 1998) is a Cape Verdean-Portuguese architect.

Borned in Cabo Verde, but raised most of his life in Portugal, Hugo’s work explores the various meanings of belonging and sense of place. With a collaborative approach to cultural production, this is done through research, design, filmmaking, small scale interventions and world building.

In 2020, Hugo co-founded PATAMAR, an interdisciplinary collective based in Ribatejo (the most central of the traditional provinces of Portugal) which manifests itself in the production and realization of projects where experimentation and collaborative processes are privileged.

In 2022, Hugo founded RAM, a young collaborative studio based in Mindelo, focused on architectural design and artistic interventions. 

Hugo is part of Atelier Mar Foundation - an institution that aims to carry out, promote and sponsor cultural, scientific, and educational activities in the fields of education and professional training, culture, art, and local development in Cabo Verde.

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