Atelier Patamar
EDEN Paraiso


4-day apartment

Completed 2021

We had 4 days to re-think an apartment. The process itself was quite peculiar: the conventional concept of the architect-client relationship vanished. Where normally there would be a certain contention and reluctance to share ideas in the architect's creative process, there was an unconditional and constant exchange of suggestions and proposals from all sides (me-Joel-São) that shaped the space. The process of imagination and creation of the space was open and receptive to any and all ideas - the ideas came up between the meal and the walks through the streets of São Paulo. I think that the role of the architect, whenever possible, should be exactly this: a mediator between 1. the needs and desires of those who will inhabit the place, 2. the enhancement of the architectural qualities that the place provides or can provide, and 3. the possibilities of technical implementation. In this specific project, there were no major structural changes and spatial reorganization, so our collective design was more about thinking about how to use all the corners of the small apartment.

Aclimação, São Paulo
+ Remodelação