Atelier Patamar
EDEN Paraiso


Abrigo no Jardim do Salomão

The shelter comes from the desire to have a place to rest and work in the crater (Chã das Caldeiras, Cape Verde). It grows from the Pé d'ji Galo (the vegetable garden) of Mr. Salomão's family, between vines and beanstalks. The bedroom is doubled for the companions who join us; the workspace connected to the kitchen, opening to the volcano. The entrance is made either through a walkway that extends from the family house or through three stone steps over the vegetable garden. In the corner, between the stone wall that surrounds the shelter and the stone wall of the rooms, there is a wood-burning kitchen and a storage space.

Chã das Caldeiras, Ilha do Fogo, Cabo Verde
+ Design,  Construction